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Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

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Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

What is Motorcycle Breakdown Cover?

Motorcycle breakdown cover is a form of breakdown cover that is meant for motorbikes, scooter and mopeds. These are officially referred to as powered two wheelers. There are some standard breakdown policies that do not cover motorcycles, thus, this type of breakdown cover is crucial for those riding two-wheelers.

It is important to know that while you can buy motorbike breakdown cover as a separate policy, there are some motorbike insurance policies that might offer breakdown cover as an additional option, or included as a standard. The best thing is to search and compare your options before you settle for a deal. This will ensure that you get the best value for what you pay for.

Types of Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

You can choose from different types of motorbike breakdown cover. Your choice will be determined by the number of bikes you ride and how you intend to pay for cover. The types of motorcycle breakdown cover that you can choose from include:

  • Personal

Personal cover is the type of cover that applies to you. With this cover, you can ride any motorcycle provided it meets the requirements stated in your policy. You can even claim if you were a passenger.

  • Vehicle

This is the type of cover that applies to at least one specific motorcycle. It can also apply to more than motorcycle if supported by your policy.

Apart from the types of motorcycle breakdown covers stated above, you can also choose from traditional or insurance style cover:

  • Traditional

Traditional motorcycle breakdown cover implies that you pay regular amounts (either on a monthly or yearly basis) for 24/7 cover. You can have limits on the number or type of call outs that is covered by your policy.

  • Insurance

Insurance motorcycle breakdown cover implies that you pay up front for repair before you claim them back from your insurance provider.

Exclusion with Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Some common exclusion with motorcycle breakdown policies that your insurance provider won’t assist you with includes:


  • Breakdown On Private Land

If your motorcycle breaks down on a privately owned land, your provider won’t be able or allowed to reach you. They can even charge an additional fee for their assistance.

  • Road Accidents

If your motorcycle breaks down due to a road accident, it could make it very difficult for your insurance company’s repair vehicle to access your bike. Emergency services will need to give them clearance before they can get to where you are.

  • Basic Maintenance

You are responsible for maintaining your motorcycle. If your motorcycle break down as a result of poor maintenance (like unchanged brake fluid or oil), it may not be covered by your insurance provider.

The Cost of Motorbike Breakdown Cover

The actual price that you will pay for motorcycle breakdown cover depends on a number of factors such as:


  • Level of Cover

A more comprehensive level of motorcycle breakdown cover, such as at-home breakdown or onward travel, often cost more than basic policies like local cover.

  • Type of Cover

Some insurance companies may have different prices that are determined on if you want to cover yourself for different motorcycles or for one specific motorcycle.

  • The Number of Motorbikes You Cover

Many insurance providers will give you the opportunity to add multiple motorcycles to your motorcycle breakdown cover policy. Although this is likely to increase the cost of premium, it can also help you save money compared to taking out individual policies for each motorcycle that you ride.

  • The Motorcycle’s Model, Make and Age

The older your motorcycle, the costlier the amount you pay for cover. Insurance companies can also charge higher premiums for models of motorcycles that are expensive and powerful.

Components of a Motorbike Breakdown Cover

There are different levels of cover in motorcycle breakdown policies. These levels include the following:


  • Roadside Assistance or Local Cover

This is a level of cover in motorcycle breakdown policy that you use when your breakdown cover provider sends a mechanic and repair vehicle to help repair your motorbike, scooter or moped by the side of the road. If the mechanic is unable to fix your bike, he will take it to a nearby garage.

  • Vehicle Recovery or National Cover

Vehicle recovery implies that you can nominate any recovery location throughout the country where your motorbike can be taken to if it cannot be fixed at the side of the road.

  • At Home Breakdown

This level of policy will cover you provided your motorbike break down at (or within) a short distance from your home. This usually occurs if your bike’s battery runs flat.

  • Onward Travel

Onward travel covers you for alternative travel arrangements that you need to get to your destination. It can also cover payments for overnight accommodation.

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