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Campervan Breakdown Cover– If you own a campervan, you love going on holidays. The countryside, the scenery, and the peace of mind – you love trips so much that you bought your own campervan. But have you ever wondered what will happen if your campervan breaks down? Sure, you can contact the National Highway Recovery Service. But how good of an option is that?
  • You will have to pay a hefty sum of £150, just to get your campervan towed. That’s not cheap.
  • Extra costs will entail. You have to get that campervan fixed, don’t you?
  • There isn’t any guarantee that your campervan won’t break down again. In such a case, you’ll have to pay this fee of £150 yet again.
  • Not to mention that this will result in your trip ending. You cannot go ahead to your travel destination in a broken down campervan.
Now you might think, “Pft. I don’t need any sort of Breakdown Cover! My campervan is reliable!” Well, let us tell you this – no vehicle is reliable. If vehicles were reliable, there wouldn’t be 2.5 million breakdowns per year in the U.K. alone. That is why a Breakdown Cover for you motorhome is a must.

What is Campervan Breakdown Cover?

You must be wondering how – “How do I prevent this humongous cost of £150 every time my campervan breaks down?” Well, we have the perfect solution for you. And that solution has three words – Campervan Breakdown Cover. Every time your campervan sputters, gags, and needs to be parked by the side of the road, we’ll be there to help you. Campervan Breakdown Cover UK

What does Campervan Breakdown Cover include?

At White Recovery, there are many kinds of coverages and benefits that we offer. So you can choose from a variety of plans. Opt for the coverages that you think the best suit your needs. Listed below are some of the services that we offer. Roadside Assistance: When your campervan breaks down, just place a call and you will have a mechanic by your side. We will do our best to get your vehicle up and running immediately. You can then carry on with your journey. Vehicle Recovery: If we cannot fix the problem on the roadside, we will have your vehicle towed to the nearest garage. And of course, we will take care of the payments. It is our job to ensure that your vehicle gets the best possible care it can get. Provisions for Onwards Journey: Now you might say – “If you tow away my vehicle, what about me?” Worry not. We will provide a replacement vehicle to get you to your destination, as soon as possible. If there isn’t any replacement, we will arrange and pay for public transport. At-Home Breakdown Assistance: Our services aren’t limited to the times when your vehicle is on the road. If your motorhome breaks down at home (or close to home) we’ll be there to help you. So if you spot a flat tyre or a dead battery, you know whom to call. Add-on Packages: Do you plan on taking your motorhome across Europe? If yes, then our Europe-wide coverage will be of significant help to you. Theft and Vandalism: We all know how notorious robberies can be. Especially when you’re on the highway, in your motorhome. We understand your concerns. And so we’ve included this add-on to cover you in the case of robberies, thefts, and vandalism.

Which is the perfect cover for me?

Different people have different needs. And we offer a variety of plans, so it is difficult to decide the perfect cover for yourself. Something that will help you decide which cover is the best for you is taking a closer look at your motorhome. My motorhome is new: That’s great! This means that there are fewer chances of your vehicle breaking down. But even though the chances are less, they are never zero. For example, a new vehicle can run out of fuel as well. In such cases, roadside assistance will be crucial. Also, manufacturer warranty often proves to be unreliable. Your best bet will be purchasing a plan of lower-value. We advise you not to forego Breakdown Cover just because your vehicle is new. My motorhome is old: Then you can simply not do without Breakdown Cover. Vehicles older than five years are unreliable. And not purchasing a Breakdown Cover for such a vehicle would be foolhardy. For older vehicles, you will need a better, high-value, and comprehensive plan. You can never predict what will go wrong. Buy Breakdown Cover now – you will thank yourself later. Another factor that you should take into consideration when buying a Breakdown Cover is how you use your motorhome. Where do you travel? What type of trips do you take? I frequently travel across Europe: As we mentioned, we provide Europe-wide coverage for customers you travel across Europe. In another country, far from home, breaking down can cause a lot of stress and nervousness. With our Europe-wide coverage, you can remain assured that help will be at hand whenever requested. So to be adequately prepared, buy a plan that includes Europe-wide coverage in it. I frequently take long trips: When you’re taking a long trip, roadside assistance and vehicle recovery is not enough. Your vehicle will be taken care of – but what about you? If you’re sane, spending the night on a deserted highway does not sound like a good option. In such cases too, we’ve got your back. Just opt for a plan with “Provisions for Onwards Journey” or “Emergency Overnight Accommodation”. While we take care of your vehicle, you can relax without a worry on your mind. What is Campervan Breakdown Cover

Why Campervan Breakdown Cover is a must?

Campervan Breakdown Cover is indispensable. It helps you when you’re most in need. It helps you when you’re stranded on the road with your friends or family. If you skip out on buying a Breakdown Cover for your motorhome, you are sure to curse yourself later on. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Campervan Breakdown Cover – FAQs

1. Is it legally mandatory?

Is it legally mandatory? No.

2. Is it mandatory nonetheless? Yes.

Just because there isn’t any legal obligation to buy Breakdown Cover doesn’t mean it will not be helpful. Exercise isn’t legally mandatory – but it still helps, right?

3. Is there a limit on callouts?

There is no limit to the number of times a vehicle will breakdown. And accordingly, there is no limit to the number of times you can call us for our help. Each time your vehicle lets you down, we’ll be by your side, ready and willing to help you – as best as we can. However, please note that we will not entertain multiple calls for a recurring problem.

4. Can I change my plan?

Sure! If you aren’t entirely satisfied with your current plan, we’ll be glad to shift you to another plan. You can upgrade your plan to include additional services. You can downgrade your plan to exclude services you think you can do without.

5. How do I get in touch with you?

Get in touch with us here. We’ll be more than glad to answer any questions, queries, or doubts you may have.

6. Is Campervan Breakdown Cover necessary?

We cannot stress this enough – yes, a Campervan Breakdown Cover is necessary. Millions of vehicles break down over the world. Millions of people go through financial difficulties and stress, just because they hadn’t purchased adequate cover. Make sure you don’t fall into this group of people. Buy a Campervan Breakdown Cover.