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Car Breakdown Cover

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car breakdown cover

A car breakdown cover policy helps you to have access to roadside repairs whenever your vehicle breaks down while you’re driving.

Most car breakdown cover providers usually offer nothing less than a roadside assistance. This implies that a professional and well-trained mechanic will come and fix your car if it breaks down while driving on the road. If such car cannot be fixed, it will be towed to a nearby mechanic shop.

Breakdown cover companies of large sizes are usually in charge of a fleet of vans and recovery trucks. They also have their own staff and mechanics. Smaller breakdown companies, on the other hand, make use of third-party garages and recovery operators to offer their breakdown services.

Some car breakdown cover policies offer many callout per year, while others often have a specific number of times that you can ask for their help when your car breaks down by the roadside.

You can choose to include extras to your car breakdown cover. Some of these extras include recovery to a location that you want, alternative transport as well as assistance with the bills of garage repair.

Is Car Breakdown Cover A Legal Requirement?

No. A car breakdown cover is not a legal requirement. However, it can make your life easier and save you from the hassle of car breakdown when you’re driving.

Going through a car breakdown without a cover policy can be costly, most especially if you are far from your home. Thus, buying a car breakdown cover will be cheaper than not buying at all.

Why Should I Get A Breakdown Cover?

All vehicles will experience some faults at one point or the other. These faults can leave you stranded at the roadside, but cheap car breakdown cover will give you peace of mind if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

The commonest reasons for car breakdown include issues such as flat batteries, loss of keys, faulty engine or flat tyres amongst others. If you experience any of these faults and you don’t have a breakdown cover, you will be responsible for the costs of recovering your vehicle

The Different Features of Car Breakdown Cover

Cheap breakdown cover often offer just the basics, while a more comprehensive car breakdown cover policy will provide more features.

When you are comparing different breakdown cover policies, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Roadside Assistance

This cover helps you get your car back on the road when it breaks down at the roadside.

  • Local Recovery

This car breakdown cover provides cover for your car to be towed to a garage.

  • National Recovery

This type of cover is meant for vehicles that cannot be fixed at the roadside. It provides cover for your car to be towed to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

  • Home Start Cover

This provides cover for your vehicle if it breaks down near your home.

  • Onwards Journey

This usually covers the cost of replacing your vehicle or the cost of getting to your destination while your car is being repaired.


Do You Need Breakdown Cover Only?

White Recovery can keep things flexible for you by offering only breakdown cover. We can also offer it as a policy that you can add to your car insurance.

So if your car insurance is about to expire, you can save time by opting for car breakdown cover as an extra when you renew your insurance. Another option is to get different quotes for each cover.

Why Choose White Recovery’s Breakdown Cover?

We all depend on our cars for most things such as taking our kids to school, running errands, visiting friends or getting to work. So when it breaks down, it can have a negative impact on your whole day.

As a leading car recovery company, we can rescue you in a timely manner.

We have the latest technology and expertise that will help us find the best route to where your car break down. Our priority is given to people that are stuck in vulnerable situations.

We can get you covered if your car breaks down and needs to be repaired at the side of the road. Our trained mechanics get at least 80 percent of cars back on the road. If your car needs additional work, it will be towed to a local garage.

Get A Breakdown Cover Quote Today!

Purchasing or renewing your breakdown cover policy from White Recovery is hassle-free. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for the cover that will meet your specific needs.

We guarantee you top-notch breakdown cover at an affordable rate.

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