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Car Breakdown Noises

Describing the strange noises that our cars make can be difficult. Some of the noises are normal; such as the humming sound made by tires and the whistling sound mirrors make in the wind.

However, there are some noises that you shouldn’t ignore. If you notice any strange sound that fails to go away, then you need to check your car. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 noises cars to make and what they mean.

The Squeal Sound That You Hear When You Brake

If you hear a high pitched squealing from your tires when you brake, then the brake pad indicator is rubbing the rotor. This, however, is not a case of an emergency. The essence of the brake pad indicator is to alert you when your brake pads need to be replaced. Although this sound doesn’t mean you’re in any sudden danger, you should plan to replace your brake pads soon. Find time to schedule an appointment with a technician to inspect your brake before you start hearing a screaming sound.


Rur Rur Rur Sound That Comes Up When You Start The Engine

This sound indicates that your battery is losing its efficiency and thus struggling to power the engine. Although it is less of a safety issue, it is, however, more of a convenience concern because your car can fail to start anytime. To avoid any unexpected breakdown, visit your car breakdown recovery service provider for a battery test.

Here at White Recovery, we will let you know how much ‘juice’ is left in your battery. We will also provide the necessary service that will save you from vehicle breakdown.

Hissing Sound Under The Hood

If you hear any hissing sound after shutting off your car engine, then the engine bay may be leaking. You can pinpoint the source of the leak via a quick visual inspection; however, you should be careful. Leaking fluids are very hot to touch. Hand it over to professionals to do an in-depth diagnosis and carry out the necessary repair.

Strange Sounds When You Turn

Unusual sounds like squeaking, groaning, clunking, creaking, and, clicking can be heard when you’re turning. A simple repair can be adding fluid to the power steering pump. In severe cases, you may need to replace the universal joints or constant velocity joints.

To save your car from any further damage, take your car to a nearby vehicle recovery company as soon as you can so that a qualified technician can check it.

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A Rhythmic Squeak That Increases When You Accelerate

If you have a four-wheel or rear-wheel drive and you notice this sound, the problem may be with the universal joint. Let a mechanic check it immediately to avoid further damage.


To put your car in top-notch condition, ensure you allow a qualified technician to check it whenever you hear any strange noise. Ignoring a strange noise can lead to more serious issues that will lead to additional expenses.

White Recovery is always on the ground to attend to your car recovery needs. Schedule an online appointment with us today to help you detect the issues with your vehicle.

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