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Professional Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Services in Acton W3

One of the causes of breakdown in vehicles is rust. Car breakdown recovery service in Acton W3 can help tackle breakdowns due to rust issues. Rust is not only an annoyance that occurs in older vehicles, it is also found in more modern vehicles that have minor damages that are left untreated. A search on Google will reveal reports of cars that are 4 years old which are failing their MOT’s due to rust problems. An ordinary stonechip can bring about rust in many cars. Once rust is not attended to, it becomes extremely hard to get rid of.

Apart from being unsightly, rust is very dangerous since it weakens the structure and integrity of the vehicle. Untreated rust can destroy a vehicle after making it impossible to be driven. Rust that occurs around the top of rear suspension turrets can make the suspension to pull away from the car. This can be life-threatening if the car is on high speed.

The car could be failed at the annual MOT due to excessive rust, or if the rust is close to structural points (such as the seat belt mountings). The structural points should not be found weakened.

Professional Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Services in Acton W3

There have been reports of the Police pulling over cars that are considered to pose risk to road users. In most cases, modified cars fall into this category. Vehicles with defects will also attract the wrong attention of the police officer. In very serious cases, the vehicle can be taken off the road by the Police. In other cases, the Police can issue a Vehicle Defect Rectification Notice; this gives the vehicle owner a period of time during which he/ she is expected to remedy a reported issue, and to prove through an independent garage that such issue has been correctly fixed.

If you are planning to buy a second hand car that you feel may have rust problems, it is advisable to have an independent assessor assess the car for you to provide detailed, comprehensive written report. This report could range from mechanical to bodywork. The report will also enable you to see the reason why the previous MOT was failed. If rust has been reported on the vehicle and it is still visible, then the issue hasn’t improved. Also, if no visible rust is seen in a spot where there was a previous reported issue, you will need to check the car to ascertain the quality of the repair.

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White Recovery offers 24-hour breakdown and accident recovery services for cars, light commercial vehicles as well as heavy vehicles. Our recovery vehicles carry different tools that allow us to handle most emergencies and get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. However, if we can’t achieve this on-site, we will make use of our car transport services to transport your vehicle and passengers to a destination of your choice.

We are well renowned in Acton W3 for providing professional, quick and friendly car breakdown recovery service. We can handle all forms of breakdowns that are caused by rust issues. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our vehicle breakdown recovery service in Acton W3.

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