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Get Professional Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Service in Clapham SW4

If your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly on the highway, you and your passengers could be prone to different dangers. Research has also shown that many injuries and deaths occurred on motorway hard shoulders. Apart from contacting a car breakdown service in Clapham SW4 for help, you also need to consider how you can keep yourself and your passengers safe; this is very paramount. In this article, we will take a look at some tips that will help you if your vehicle breaks down on the road.

  • Keep yourself and your passengers safe

When your vehicle breaks down, try your best to get it off the road; away from speeding traffic. Also, get your passengers out of the vehicle to keep them safe. Any animals that you have with you must also be kept under control. Keep everyone from the carriageway and ensure the kids are kept under control. Don’t try to work on anything in the car and ensure the bonnet is not left open.

If possible, leave the motorway at the next exit, or pull into a service area. If you’re unable to pull your vehicle from the motorway, ensure your hazard warning lights are on, and pull on to the hard shoulder of the motorway.

Get Professional Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Service in Clapham SW4


  • Warn other road users

Warn other road users by turning on your hazard lights. You should also put a warning triangle (not less than 45 meters) behind your broken-down car.

If the visibility is poor, turn on your sidelights and don’t allow anyone to stand in front of them. Don’t allow anyone stand between your car and the approaching traffic. A reflective jacket will help in this case, so you should put one on.

  • Get help

Call for help as soon as possible but don’t use your mobile phone near petrol spillage or petrol fumes. Get in touch with your vehicle breakdown recovery service and give them all the necessary information that they need to get to where you are. Some of the information include road number, direction of travel and landmarks amongst others. Your roadside assistance provider can also request for your vehicle model, registration number as well as the number of people in the vehicle. The provider can also ask you the cause of the breakdown. This will help them to know the steps to take to get you back on the road.

Follow the arrow that are on the posts (located at the back of the hard shoulder) to locate the nearest emergency telephone. Wait behind the barrier that’s located on the motorway embankment when you get back to your vehicle.

For your safety and those of your passengers, ask for safety when help arrives.

Roadside Assistance in Clapham SW4 from White Recovery

White Recovery provides emergency roadside assistance in Clapham SW4. Our highly experienced and licensed technicians can work on any breakdown issues such as:

  • Flat tire
  • Low fuel
  • Engine trouble
  • Flat battery
  • Stuck vehicle

We will get you back on the as quick as possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more about out roadside assistance and car breakdown recovery service in Clapham SW4.

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