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Car breakdowns can occur anytime. Brand new cars are not left out of this occurrence. Faults such as tire problems are one of the biggest reasons for call outs for vehicles that are less than 3 years’ old. As a car breakdown recovery company, there are some patterns of behavior that we see in vehicles that break down. In this article, we will shed light on these patterns and will also show you how car breakdown recovery in Tooting SW17 can save you from stress associated with vehicle breakdown.

The most breakdowns usually occur in the hotter months; these are the months of July and August. But should we blame the heat in these periods for the breakdown? The surge in the number of vehicles plying the road and cars that are embarking on long trips for family vacations can be blamed for this occurrence.

Car Recovery and Towing Services in Tooting SW17

However, vehicles that get hot are likely to develop more fault than those that are maintained at reasonable temperature. Oil thins when the weather is hot and this affects a vehicle’s engine compression; this s usually prominent in older cars. Another cause of breakdown, as a result of heat, is overheating due to stationary traffic in hotter months.

Tire problems are one of the major reasons for call outs every year. Here’s the fact; we all run at least 4 tires, usually at high speed, on hard road surfaces for our movements to school, work and homes. Tire problems such as deteriorated rubber and punctures caused by potholes are very common. With an increase in the number of vehicles that are not equipped with a full spare, but a temporary inflation kit, car users with more severe tire damage only have the option of calling a car breakdown recovery service provider in Tooting SW17 for help.

August is also one of the wettest months of the year in the United Kingdom and water can also be responsible for call outs, most especially from vehicles that have been damaged from more serious road conditions.

Irrespective of the kind of car issues that you have, we at White Recovery are always on ground with professional car breakdown recovery in Tooting SW17 to assist with any breakdown issues.

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At White Recovery, we understand that car users have different choices when it comes to choosing their car breakdown recovery company in Tooting SW17. We also understand that car users want reliable, affordable and professional car breakdown recovery service in Tooting SW17. That’s why our vehicle recovery service is ‘personal based.’ This implies that our service is customized to meet the specific needs of each car user.

If you break down, just call us and we will arrange for assistance. Our extensive network will enable us to offer our car breakdown recovery service in a timely manner anywhere you are in Tooting SW17.

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