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Buying a car breakdown cover is a very important decision. Good cover is very helpful when you find yourself in tough situations, for instance when you and your loved ones are stuck in a bad weather on a deserted road. However, there are some factors that you need to pay attention to when you’re shopping for a reliable car breakdown cover in Walworth, Elephant and Castle SE17. This article will shed light on the questions that you should ask if you’re looking for good breakdown cover.

  • Does the policy cover the driver or the vehicle?

With so many families having more than one vehicle, a breakdown cover policy that covers just one car may not be desirable. Even if you have only one car, a breakdown policy that covers more than one vehicle is still better because it will come in handy when you hire a car. Also, you won’t have to bother about informing your breakdown cover provider if you change your car.

  • Does the policy cover my partner or family?

There’s no need to take out more than one breakdown cover when you can buy one policy that can cover you and your partner or whole family. Most breakdown cover providers in Walworth, Elephant and Castle SE17 provide deals that cover more than one driver or vehicle. You should, however, remember that policies that cover drivers are the better deals.

  • What happens if my vehicle breaks down?

A breakdown cover provider that offers prompt and professional customer service will be helpful during stressful times. Only choose a cover provider that will be willing to quickly send a qualified mechanic to you when your vehicle breaks down.

  • What happens if my vehicle cannot be fixed?

Check the policy if the company is willing to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage of your choice or to your home if it’s not far away from where your vehicle broke down. You can request recovery to any destination of your choice, irrespective of the distance, if you purchase cover from a company that offers more comprehensive cover.

  • Does the policy cater for help at and at the roadside?

In most cases, breakdowns happen outside the motorists’ homes. As a result, many affordable breakdown cover providers only cover breakdowns more than a particular distance from the car user’s home.

Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Services in Walworth, Elephant and Castle SE17


  • What happens to me and my passenger(s) if my car breaks down?

There are many services offered in different breakdown cover packages that you can choose from. You can choose from the option of being taken to a home or to a hotel. In more comprehensive offerings, you can be taken to your destination.

  • Does the policy cover accommodation?

If you always embark on long trips, ensure that your breakdown and recovery cover will provide accommodation for you and your passenger if your vehicle breaks down.

  • What kinds of vehicle does the policy cover?

If you drive most of the time, then most breakdown policies will give you the major cover that you need. But what if you have a caravan, trailer, small van or motorbike?

Check the policy to see if it covers for the type of vehicle that you drive.

Asking a breakdown cover provider these questions will help you to choose a breakdown cover that will meet your specific needs and also give you value for your money.

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