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As an experienced car breakdown recovery company that serves car users in Wandsworth, Earlsfield SW18, we have discovered tire problems to be one of the major problems responsible for vehicle breakdown. It is, therefore, important to choose the right tire for your vehicle. However, choosing the right tire for your car is a daunting task, most especially if you are searching for an affordable price. With the prices of tires changing so much, where do you find the best and affordable tire? Keep reading this article to find out.

Tires are obviously important for the movement of a vehicle. They also play a great role in the safety of a vehicle. Tires that have no grip or those that are either under inflated or over inflated can make a vehicle to drive erratically; this can have a serious consequence when driving at high speed.

Ensure you get only recommended tires for your vehicle; this means buying the right size of tire and from the right manufacturer if you want your vehicle to operate perfectly.

You should also check the age of the tires you intend to buy even if they have not experienced too much wear. Older tires can crack if they are not used and if they are not properly stored. You can determine the age of most tires by looking at the outer sidewall of the rubber. You will see a 4-digit number; the first two digits refer to a number of weeks and the second two digits refer to a year. For instance, 1215 refers to the 12th week of the 20th year- roughly March 2020. Carefully inspect tires that are older than 3 or 4 years.

Some car owners do not see choosing the right tire as a priority. Many car users run ‘stretched tires’ with an expensive rim. This is very risky and could also put you in trouble with the law and your insurance company if you have an accident.

Car Recovery and Towing Services in Wandsworth, Earlsfield SW18

Apart from the age of the tire that can be determined from the side of the tire, another important number is the size. This can be determined from 3 sets of digits that are separated by ‘/’. The first number represents the width of the tire (in mm); the second number refers to the percentage of that width that makes up the firewall sides, while the third figure signifies the size of the rim (in inches). This implies that a tire size of 195/50/16 means a tire of 195mm width, a firewall size of 97.5mm and a rim of 16 inches. Paying attention to these figures will save you from unexpected vehicle breakdowns caused by tire problems.

The next thing that you need to decide is where to buy your tires. You can choose to buy from a main dealer, tire depot or online. If you use a manufacturer recommended tire, then you can buy from a main dealer. Tire depots are appropriate for the more common tires and you they offer the choice of tire manufacturer as well. The online option is usually the cheapest. Just select your tires online, pay upfront and the tires will be delivered at an agreed date to the tire depot of your choice while you make an appointment to fit them. Since you’ve paid up front, there will rarely be a need for incurring any additional costs.

Running on good tires can save you from breakdowns on the highways. It also keeps you away from having problems with the law and your insurance company. However, tire issues can still occur anytime. When this happens, you need a professional car breakdown recovery in Wandsworth, Earlsfield SW18 for help. This is where White Recovery comes in. Get in touch with us for your car breakdown recovery needs in Wandsworth, Earlsfield SW18.

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