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vehicle recovery equipment

Recovering a vehicle that has broken down can be very challenging without the right vehicle recovery equipment. These vehicle recovery tools will help you to get out of the messy situation simply, easily and safely. It is very important to have car recovery equipment that will help you get out of ditches and other situations easily. Some of these equipments are highlighted in this article.

List of Vehicle Recovery Equipment:

  • Off Road Jacks

Having off-road jack within reach will give you the confidence to plow through mud-holes as you want without the fear of getting stuck. Without an off-road jack and its accessories, you will find it difficult to get your stuck vehicle anywhere without the help of a third party, since you are most likely to be in the middle of nowhere. With a selection of high-quality off-road jack like ours, you can be rest assured that you will get out of any unpleasant situation easily and safely.

Recovery jacks will come handy when you need to battle the toughest terrain and tackle the trickiest recovery missions.

  • Recovery Straps

When the only thing that you need to save your vehicle from an imminent danger is a narrow strip of fabric, then you need to get the best. The best woven recovery straps are made with strict quality specifications and also tested by an approved laboratory to ensure the best performance.

There are different types of recovery straps and each is designed to meet a specific purpose and to also give you peace of mind when you need to recover your vehicle.

  • Recovery Kits

With the right recovery kit and recovery essentials stored in a spot that is easily accessible in your vehicle, you will be rest assured that you are carrying a purpose-built bag that is filled with recovery items that will be useful whenever your vehicle gets stuck.

White Recovery has recovery essentials to meet every situation as well as different sized bags that will ensure that your recovery equipment are well kept and easily packed in a place that is easily accessible.

  • Recovery Band

Recovery bands are specially designed to help recover your vehicle when it is stuck without any help in sight. Recovery bands will help you get out of trouble when you lose traction and you find yourself in the toughest situations, whether in the sand, mud or snow.

Recovery bands are durable, resistant to wear and can also handle high levels of flexibility. They provide the best traction by maintaining a high level of pressure on your vehicle’s tyre while also withstanding the flex of being under weight on a ground that is not stable.

  • Recovery Shackle

Steel bow shackles and soft connect shackles are useful for connecting your recovery gear together. Recovery shackles are specifically designed to provide strength during recovery missions.

  • Winches

Winches are mechanical devices that are used to pull in or let out a rope, wire or cable so that you can change its tension. Winches have a spool and a hand crank that helps to alter the tension of the rope. Winches of large size can be powered by motors or engines. Apart from car recovery purposes, winches are also in many places, such as building sites, tow trucks elevators and steam shovels. There are also some winches that have gears and can be powered by electricity, combustion drives or hydraulics. Some winches may also include a break or racket and pawl, which is a recovery device that keeps the spool from unraveling except the pawl is retracted.


Irrespective of the situation in which your vehicle breaks down; in a serious downpour, on a steep road, in a very deep mud or in an isolated desert in extreme temperatures, the reliability, effectiveness, durability as well as performance of your recovery equipment is very important.

You shouldn’t trust your vehicle to recovery equipment with poor quality as they can jeopardize your safety and your vehicle’s safety. Our car recovery equipment are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, thereby making them ideal for recreational purpose and also for competition.

It is advisable to visit your local store and purchase your recovery equipment before you leave for your next road adventure.

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