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Car Towing And Breakdown Recovery Services After An Accident

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Accidents can occur on roads due to many factors. Our goal, here at White Recovery, is to see fewer accidents as well as fewer vehicles stranded on the highway by offering professional and effective vehicle towing and breakdown services.


Accidents refer to unpleasant events and they can happen anytime. Accidents can be reduced on the road through proper planning, preparation and routine checks of vehicles. It is important to maintain and service vehicles regularly in order to reduce the rate at which vehicles break down at the roadside.


In this article, we will take a look at:

  • The role played by breakdown recovery service providers in preventing road accidents
  • Factors that you should consider before hiring a vehicle towing service
  • How you can prevent your vehicle from breaking down, and
  • Essential repairs that you can carry out to prevent breakdown


Car Recovery Services


What Role is Played by Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Service?

Vehicle breakdown recovery service is a professional service that requires the right skill, knowledge and expertise to keep vehicles moving. Here at White Recovery, we take our time to inspect every disabled vehicle so that we can deploy the right recovery method to get the vehicle back on the road. We believe the methods employed in recovering a vehicle must be safe; that’s we don’t joke with safety on the road.


What You Need To Consider Before Hiring a Vehicle Towing Service

There are many factors that you need to put into consideration before you chose the right vehicle breakdown recovery service provider that offers vehicle towing service. These factors include the following:


  • Deal with professionals

As a car owner, you need to ensure that you deal with professionals if you want your vehicle to be handled with care. Find out the number of years that a particular service provider has been operating will ensure that you get the service of a reputable and well-established towing company.


  • Response time

Another factor that you shouldn’t overlook is how long it takes the company to get to you. Based on your location, you should target between 10 to 25 minutes. Anything above 40 minutes is not good enough and this puts you at risk since you may be stranded on a lonely road.


  • Cost

The price offered by breakdown recovery companies can vary, it is important to choose a service provider that does not focus on acquiring more customers based on price alone. Companies that lure in customers with low prices end up providing unreliable and poor service.


How to Prevent Your Vehicle from Breaking Down

Keeping your vehicle in good condition saves you from spending lots of money on repairs. Here are some things that you can do in order to save your vehicle from breaking down.


  • Hire the service of reputable mechanics

Always go for reputable mechanics when you want to service your vehicle. Unlike an unskilled mechanic, an honest, reputable and skillful mechanic will keep your vehicle alive for a long time.


  • Use the right tyres

Tyres play a keep role in preventing your vehicle from breaking down. It is important to use the right tyres for your vehicle if you want to keep it working. Use tyres of good quality and ensure they are properly inflated.


In order to ensure that you use the right tyres, buy from reliable manufacturers. You should also replace your tyres on time so that your vehicle can be in good condition.


  • Pay attention to fuel and fluids

Vehicles cannot function optimally without fuels and fluids. Check on the fuel and fluids of your vehicle to ensure that they are at the right levels. Visit the mechanic regularly and ask him to help you check the condition of the fuel and fluids.


  • Be attentive

Vehicles usually give signs when they need to be attended to. Don’t ignore these signs if you don’t want any irreversible damage to your vehicle. Whenever you see a blinking light on your dashboard, take your vehicle to the mechanic immediately.


  • Maintain the parts

Ensure you take care of all the parts of your vehicle such as the belt, brakes, batteries and engine. Change each of them as at when due. If you detect any change in the function of the parts, take your vehicle to the mechanic. Doing so will prevent your car breaking down unexpectedly.


Car Breakdown Recovery and Towing Services


Essential Car Repair Items That You Can Take Care of to Prevent Breakdown


  • Wheel alignment

Tyres play important roles in determining the overall condition of the car. The tyre’s alignment can be affected when the car is parked in an inclined surface for some time. Poor wheel alignment causes the tyre to wear off; this can lead to imbalance and blowouts. It is very important to always inspect the tyre pressure level, wheel alignment and tyre rotation to detect issues with the tyres before they get bigger.


  • Small repairs

Small repairs (such as brake pads, brake clippers, air filters and timing belts) will improve your car’s wellness. These repairs are not expensive and they should be taken care of regularly. They will help prevent problems that can make your car to break down.


  • Regular inspection

Inspecting your vehicle regularly is very crucial in maintaining your vehicle. For instance, if you check your tyre pressure in the morning before you drive to work, it will save your vehicle from breaking down from a punctured tyre. Regular checking will help you to detect issues with your car before they get serious and more expensive.


Let White Recovery Handle Your Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Needs

White Recovery is a professional vehicle breakdown recovery that helps car users throughout the UK to get back on the road as quickly as possible after a breakdown. Our services are specially designed to help promote the safety of car users and their vehicles. We also offer affordable and reliable vehicle towing services to take disabled vehicles to nearby garages where they will be fixed.


Get in touch with us today to get more information about our professional 24-hour vehicle breakdown recovery service.

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