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Classic Car Breakdown Cover at White Recovery

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Classic cars are not just a mode of transportation. They are a source of joy and pride for their owners. And they deserve all the special care and protection. But their age, which is the reason why they are so precious, can become a problem too. Your classic car is much more prone to breakdowns when compared to modern machines. Is your classic car reserved for special occasions? Well, standing for long periods in the garage can also expose it to a risk of developing faults. When you take out the beauty from your garage on the weekend and go out for a leisurely drive, the last thing that you want is an unexpected breakdown. You might have your tool kit with you, but that doesn’t eliminate the hassle that you’ll face. Also, with classics, it is best to leave some things to the experts. When stranded in the middle of the road, classic car breakdown cover ensures immediate help. Without burdening your bank balance. Classic Car Breakdown Cover

About Classic Car Breakdown Cover

Classic car breakdown cover is like a safety shield for your car. The policy won’t protect your car from breakdowns. But it does make sure that you have help available if something goes wrong. It ensures that you aren’t stuck on the roadside with a classic car that refuses to move. Other than being prone to breakdowns, getting a classic car fixed is also a struggle. The parts that are needed to fix such cars are not often easily available. And every technician won’t have the skill to handle your prized possessions. Using modern counterparts and getting work done by newbie mechanics is a direct dent on the value of your classic car. And when your classic car breaks down, it is in your and your car’s best interest to call only experts. With your White Recovery classic car breakdown cover, you get the support of experts in unforeseen situations. And you are also saved from the hefty bills.

Types of Classic Car Breakdown Cover

Before you sit back and relax with the peace of mind that comes with breakdown cover, you need to decide on a policy. Any random policy won’t offer you complete mental peace. You need to put in a lot of thought and consideration into the policy that you pick. The first step is to decide if you need a vehicle-specific cover or a personal cover. If you have multiple cars and you are the only driver, a personal cover will be more suitable. Multiple people from your household sit behind the wheel of your classic car? Then a vehicle-specific cover would be more appropriate. With a vehicle-specific classic car breakdown cover, you also need to decide the level of coverage. Here are the levels of coverage that you can get with different White Recovery plans –
  • Roadside Assistance – If your classic car is used mostly within the town, roadside assistance is all you’ll need. Under such a coverage plan, you just have to give our experts a call, and we’ll be on our way to get your car back on the road.
In case we aren’t able to do that for you right then and there, we provide a tow facility to the nearest repair facility that will be able to fix your car. If you travel outside your city and across the UK, you can also select plans with nationwide roadside assistance coverage.
  • Home-Start – When your car stands in the garage for long periods of time, faults can emerge. And this means your car might not even roll out of your front door before a problem arises. And well, there is no way to predict flat tires and dead batteries.
If you are at home or close to home, and you find your classic car has some faults, home start coverage will be of help. With home start coverage, our expert technicians will get your classic car fixed at home, and you can be on your way.
  • Onward Travel – If you take your classic car for longer journeys, getting breakdown cover that includes onward travel would be the safest bet.
If you have onward journey coverage and your car breaks down, we will arrange for public transport. Or a replacement vehicle. So that you can reach your destination. Also, if the situation requires you to spend a night somewhere, while your car is being fixed, the accommodation arrangements will be on us. Classic Car Breakdown Cover recovery We also offer add-on coverage for those who travel outside the UK. With our Europe add-on, you get roadside assistance even when you are travelling abroad. You can explore the various classic car breakdown covers that we offer and select a plan that best suits your needs – One thing that is uniform across all our plans is our dedicated and quick service. We understand that car breakdowns can be stressful. And we make sure you get immediate assistance, and your problem is solved at the earliest. Car Breakdown Cover service

Going the Extra Mile for Your Classic Cars

With age come ailments. And this is true not just for you but your classic cars too. Your prized possession and your pride, your classic car needs more care and maintenance than a regular car. And you do every possible thing to make sure your classic car is in perfect shape. Some enthusiastic drivers even carry a set of tools and spare parts with them to make sure they can fix their beloved cars if the need arises. But, spare parts and quick fixes don’t always work. When your classic car has traveled miles with you, you also need to walk the extra mile for it too. Classic car breakdown cover will make sure that your vehicle gets the fixing that it needs. And you don’t have to be stranded alone on a highway. With White Recovery classic car breakdown cover, help is always available at hand.

Classic Car Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – £52.01 per year Intermediate – £54.00 per year Premium – £63.25 per year

Classic Car Breakdown Cover – FAQ’s

1. How soon will the recovery vehicle reach me?

Depending on your location, our experts will reach you within 30 – 35 minutes. When you request a callout, always clearly explain your location so that our experts can find you at the earliest.

2. What exactly is a personal cover?

A personal cover is a suitable option for those who drive multiple vehicles. Instead of taking out multiple breakdown covers for each of your vehicles, you can take a personal cover. Such a plan will offer coverage for any car, which you are driving or are a passenger in.

3. Are my family members (or other drivers) covered in the policy?

When you take out a classic car breakdown cover, it covers the car irrespective of who is behind the wheel. This means anyone in the car (driver or passenger) can avail of the services that are included under the plan.

4. Do I get immediate coverage as soon as I take out a policy?

When you take out a classic car breakdown cover with White Recovery, the coverage starts 24 hours later. However, in certain situations, you can also invest in the cover on-spot. Please note that this facility is available at an additional charge.

5. Am I covered if I have an accident?

If you have an accident, your insurance service provider will be responsible for the recovery of your vehicle.