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Breakdowns can treacherously happen even to the most prepared driver, and breakdown cover rescues you from this unanticipated situation. But, what about your family? Buying different breakdown cover can prove to be expensive for a household that has two or more cars. Are you considering buying a family breakdown cover? You most certainly are, since you are reading this. Family breakdown cover is a must-have to ensure peace of mind for you and your family on the road.

Let’s understand why!

Family Breakdown Cover

You can never predict when a breakdown will occur but you can expect it will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A typical breakdown cover will work best for you when you have a single-vehicle. This type of cover will be cheap as well.

What happens when you have multiple people driving multiple vehicles in the family?

This is where family breakdown cover kicks in.

Family breakdown cover is an economical way to cover multiple people living at the same address under a single breakdown cover policy.

Under family breakdown cover, household members living at the same address will be covered as drivers or passengers travelling in any vehicle.

Family Breakdown cover

Who is covered under Family Breakdown Cover?

Family breakdown cover policy can include spouse, partner, children, housemates, or any other family member as long as they reside at the same address.

Typically, up to five people can be included.

What does Family Breakdown Cover include?

The attributes of a family breakdown cover can vary based on the level of the cover you choose. Generally, you can expect the following features at White Recovery:

  • Local roadside assistance

You receive local roadside assistance if your vehicle or a vehicle you are traveling in breaks down. Any repair work that cannot be completed at the roadside, will be completed at a local garage.

  • National roadside assistance

If the mechanic is unable to repair the vehicle you are traveling in or your vehicle at the roadside, you can choose where you would like the vehicle to be towed for repair.

  • Home breakdown

If your vehicle or the vehicle you are traveling in breaks down close to home, you get repair assistance.

  • Onward travel

When your vehicle or the vehicle you are traveling in cannot be fixed immediately, you can still continue your journey.

You can get a car replacement, public transport tickets, or even a cover for an overnight stay.

Make sure to choose the right level of breakdown cover for your family.

You can also opt for an additional cover that can prove beneficial for your family members. Additional cover can include:

Types of Family Breakdown cover

  • European breakdown cover

Depending on the level of cover you choose, get roadside assistance, and recovery if you or any family member is traveling around Europe.

  • Special vehicle cover

Vehicles such as motorbikes, caravans, or trailers that might be attached to your vehicle can also be included under this cover.

  • Wrong fuel cover

Get back on the road with this cover if you have accidentally put the wrong fuel.

  • Key replacement cover

Provides cover for lost or stolen keys.

Are there any exclusions to Family Breakdown Cover?

Yes, there are exclusions that could likely undermine your family breakdown cover. Here are a few exclusions to take note of:

  • The vehicle is not properly maintained

It is important to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive. General maintenance of the vehicle is advised.

  • The vehicle breaks down after a collision

Breakdown recovery following a collision may be excluded.

  • The vehicle breaks down on private land

You can be charged extra for assistance if the recovery vehicle is unable to easily access the spot your vehicle has broken down.

  • Traveling with animals

Traveling with livestock might not be included in your family breakdown cover.

Family Breakdown Insurance

What are the various types of Family Breakdown Cover?

Family breakdown cover typically has the following options:

  • Standard breakdown cover

This is generally an annual cover you pay for. You will be covered for recovery charge or callout based on the breakdown cover you choose.

  • Insurance style cover

Here, you claim the costs you pay for the recovery of the vehicle or callout.

Save money with Family Breakdown Cover

Family breakdown cover provides a comprehensive level of protection. Having all household members under a single breakdown cover offers larger discounts compared to purchasing breakdown cover for each member. Everyone under the family breakdown cover can enjoy the same level of cover and receive the same level of service.

Skimping on Family Breakdown Cover is Really Not Worth the Hassle

Family breakdown cover offers defense against unforeseen circumstances where the vehicle refuses to work and your family members are left vulnerable to circumstances, not to mention on the side of the road.

Being unguarded in case of these conditions is not only distressing but is also dangerous to the point of being life-threatening.

With family breakdown cover, one is only a simple phone call away from safety and getting to their destination safely.

Why White Recovery?

White Recovery offers round-the-clock breakdown and roadside assistance services at competitive prices.

White Recovery’s reliable and experienced team professionally assists you and your family with breakdown assistance and recovery services.

Family Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – £108 per year

Intermediate – £168 per year

Premium – £228 per year

Family Breakdown Cover – FAQs

1. Do we need to live together to get a family breakdown cover?

Yes. Family breakdown cover is only provided to people living at the same address. Although, the members need not be related.

2. Is there any vehicle eligibility criteria under the family breakdown cover?

Vehicles that are under 16 years old, privately registered, and used in the UK will be provided family breakdown cover.

3. Do I legally need a cover?

Unlike car insurance, breakdown cover is not mandated by law. Legally you do not require family breakdown cover. But it is something that can save you and your family a lot of hassle and money in case of an unexpected breakdown.

4. Is there a limit on callouts?

The number of callouts will depend on the level of cover you have chosen for you and your family.

5. Can I change the level of cover?

Yes, of course, you can. Depending on your family’s needs you can upgrade the family breakdown cover.

6. How soon can you start using the family breakdown cover?

You can start using your cover 24 hours after you have made the purchase.

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