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All these situations are stressful for any homeowner. They pose risks to you, your house, and its contents. And there is nothing that you can do in such situations. Other than, of course, waiting for a tradesperson to come and fix the issue. And when you are waiting, you’ll find yourself wondering how much all this would cost you. But that is not the ideal time to consider your finances. Majorly because there is nothing else that you can do other than break the bank. The best time to consider the possible expenses and how to safeguard yourself from the misery is NOW. And a ‘home emergency cover’ is the shield that can protect you from the financial burden of such emergencies.

What is Home Emergency Cover?

Home emergency cover is a policy designed to help you deal with home emergencies. With emergency cover, you get a tradesperson to visit your home as soon as possible. And the financial burden does not fall on your shoulders.  As your insurers, we pay for the expenses* of repair and emergency resolution.

Home Insurance Vs. Home Emergency Cover

The most common confusion regarding home emergency cover is – Is it not the same as home insurance? Well, home insurance and home emergency cover are different. Insurance pays for the damage caused to your house and your belongings. An emergency cover helps you deal with the situation. And helps pay for the costs incurred. Also, with an emergency cover, you get a quick response time and a 24/7 helpline that gives mental peace that help is available at hand. At White Recovery, we offer home emergency cover as an add-on to your home insurance policy as well as a standalone policy.   Types of Home Emergency Covers

What is Considered an Emergency?

Everyone has a different definition of what is an emergency. For the fainthearted, spotting a lizard would be an emergency. (We totally understand. And we aren’t judging!) However, it is best to make sure you are on the same page as to what constitutes an emergency. Here is a list of situations that are considered an emergency (in the context of home emergency cover). These situations can be a reason for callout –
  1. Faulty boiler
  2. Roof damage
  3. Situations where your home security is compromised (broken locks or windows, lost keys)
  4. Plumbing and drainage problems (leaking pipes/radiator, damaged water tank, blocked toilets)
  5. Pest infestation
  6. Internal electric faults
  7. Damage to the electric, water or heat supply in your home
  8. Failure or issues with the permanent means of cooking (stove, gas, etc.)

What is Not Considered an Emergency?

There are certain situations in which your home emergency cover won’t be usable. These situations include –
  1. Issues with a boiler that has not been serviced in the past 12 months.
  2. An issue that arose after the property remained unoccupied for 30 days.
  3. Issues that arose due to poor maintenance or regular wear and tear.
  4. Claims raised in the first 14 days after purchasing the cover.
  5. Issues caused by sludge in boilers, pipes or radiators.
Except for point #4, all the other situations are avoidable. Proper maintenance and regular upkeep will save you from a lot of hassles later. We suggest you read the actual policy documents to find out what is covered and what is not. This is because the coverage varies on a plan to plan basis.

Types of Home Emergency Covers

Every homeowner has different needs and a different budget.  It is important that you get the home emergency cover that suits your budget, gives you the required level of cover, and complete mental peace. That is why we have different covers that you can consider – No matter what policy you choose, our experts will be available for help 24/7 through the helpline. And we will make sure you get immediate help.

Home Emergency Cover with White Recovery – A Wise Call

Dysfunctional boilers. Non-functional central heating. Leaking pipes. Compromised locks. Pest infestation. Roof damage. There is nothing that can prepare you for all these situations. When things go wrong, panic sets in faster than you can imagine. And when you face an emergency, the home emergency cover comes to your aid. 48% of people in a survey said that they faced boiler issues at least once. And a third of those surveyed said that they faced issues soon after installation. And that is just one of the things that could go wrong in your house. With White Recovery home emergency cover, you can live life with the mental peace that help is available at hand. And you won’t have to pay all the bills on your own either. Now, most of the policies that you will find in the market are either overpriced or inadequate. White Recovery home emergency cover is a solution to both these issues. We have covers starting at less than £50. Calling a plumber in the capital would set you back by £76 per hour. A mere inspection for boilers in London costs £80. And these are just the basics. The actual cost of repair and emergency resolution would be much more. This should be enough to make you believe that you are, in fact, better off with emergency cover than without it. The best way to ensure home emergencies don’t become financial emergencies too is home emergency cover. And with us, you get quick help, financial protection from unplanned expenses, and complete mental peace. Home Emergency Covers

Home Emergency Cover – FAQs

1. How to decide if I need a home emergency cover?

If you are not sure about buying an emergency cover, you should consider the following factors –
  • Does your home insurance include emergencies?
  • If yes, are you satisfied with the coverage?
  • Does it offer coverage for all the items and situations that you are concerned about?
  • Does getting home emergency cover offer metal peace?
Answering these questions will help you decide whether or not you need home emergency cover. You can also talk to our advisors before finalizing a policy.

2. Is there a limit on callouts?

No. We understand that you cannot plan for emergencies. And that is why we have no limits on callouts. We have a 24/7 helpline that you can use in case of any emergencies.

3. What is the minimum response time?

We try to reach you and offer help as soon as possible. Depending on weather conditions and the availability of tradespersons, we guarantee help within 24 hours. In most cases, we are able to reach our clients well before the 24 hours response time.

4. I cannot decide if my situation is an emergency or not

You can check the What is Considered an Emergency and What is Not Considered an Emergency sections. Or you can check your policy documents. If your particular situation is not listed in any of the categories, here are some questions that will help you decide –
  • Does the situation make your home inhabitable?
  • Does the situation cause permanent damage to your house?
  • Does the situation make your house unsafe?
  • Does the situation directly affect the health and well-being of the residents?
If you answer in affirmation to any of these questions, it is an emergency, and you should give us a call at the earliest.