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It is important to know how long a car battery lasts whether you’re using a new or an old battery. This article will help you know what you can expect from your battery as well as the signs that you should pay attention to so that you can replace your battery before it leads to a breakdown.

Just like tires, batteries are wear-and-tear parts. As a result, you need to replace them periodically. How long a battery holds a charge is determined by several factors such as the type of car the battery is installed in, the number of miles that you put on it on a daily basis, as well as the climate it works in.

A new battery averagely lasts for about five years under ideal conditions like a top-notch electrical system, regular full charging cycles for the battery, and nonexposure to extreme temperatures.

The electrical system of a car comprises different parts such as the alternator, voltage regulator and wires. If there is an issue with any of these components, the life expectancy of the battery can be shortened if proper care is not taken. The best thing is to prevent such occurrence by paying attention to early warning signs, such as headlights that dim when the heater is turned on.

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Also, you should note that your car’s 12-volt battery produces a significant amount of electrical power to set the starter motor into motion whenever you start the engine. If you always cover short distances, the alternator might not fully recharge the battery before you get to your destination. If you always drive short distances, ensure you find time to take your car on a 20- to 30-minute drive to fully charge your battery.

Extreme temperatures have significant effects on a car battery. When temperatures fall below the 20s, the engine will need more energy to start since the oil would have got thicker. Also, the cold temperature would have rendered the battery-less effective. It will need to work harder since it is weaker; this is not an ideal combination.

Hot weather also has a more serious effect on a car battery. The cause of dead batteries in November is usually due to the heat experienced in July. While it’s easier the start the engine in the summer, the increase in temperature under the hood, where most batteries are situated, make the water in the electrolyte to evaporate thereby corroding the plates.

This is not an issue if your battery is located in the trunk or under the rear seat. Although it will still get hot and there’s little you can do to reduce the temperature. The best steps you can take are to test your battery on a regular basis (most especially in the spring and in the fall) and to have some sets of jumper cables in the trunk.

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