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Series of factors determine how long car tires last. A practice that you should imbibe is checking your tyres annually once they are more than five years old. No guarantees can be made on the longevity of tires as factors such as the climate, air pressure, as well as your driving habits have roles to play. In this article, we will take a look at different factors that determine how long your car tyres should last.

Driving Habits

If you often screech your tyres around corners or you usually come to emergency stops without any prompting, then you need to know that your tyres will not last as they ought to. Poor driving habits shorten the lifespan of tyres.

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Apart from driving habits, road conditions also determine the longevity of tyres. It is therefore, important to pay attention to where you’re driving. Your tyres will also deteriorate faster if you drive more frequently.


Temperature can affect the pressure of air in tyres. Generally, if the temperature outside starts dropping, the car tyres can begin to deflate.

This doesn’t imply that temperatures are always optimal for car tyres. Any serious change in temperature can have a great impact on the air pressure. An increase in temperature artificially inflates the tyres while a decrease in temperature will artificially deflate them.


Air Pressure

Tyres do not support the weight of the vehicle; the pressure of air in the tyres does. This is why it is advisable to pay attention to the air pressure in the tyres and refill them when they are low.

As stated earlier, air expands when temperature rises and contracts when temperature falls. However, you need to know that your car tyres heat up after driving. The best time to measure the pressure in your tyres is before you embark on any trip when the temperature is low.

Don’t make the mistake of overinflating your tyres. Thus, ensure you keep the air pressure in tyres at the recommended level.


Tyres that are adequately maintained will save you money in the long run. The ideal way to maintain your tyres is to ensure the air pressure in the tyres is at the right level. This will not only increase your tyres’ longevity but also increase fuel economy.

You can easily acquire tyre gauges that measure air pressure. If you don’t know the pressure that you need in your car tyres, you can find this information in your manual, in the driver’s door opening, or inside the fuel cap.

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With years of experience in tackling car breakdown issues caused by tyre problems, White Recovery can help you prepare for your next trip by putting your car in great working condition. Irrespective of what you need; new tyres, wheel alignment, or any preventive vehicle maintenance, White Recovery can help. We’re proud to offer exceptional tyre replacement services that will not only ensure that you’re safe on the road, but also give you good fuel economy. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can keep you safe on the motorway.

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