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Modifying your car is a  great way to make sure it reflects your style and personality. With modifications, you can make sure your car looks unique and stands out from the crowd. Other than personalisation and form enhancement, modifications also add a lot of functionality to your car. Whether you are looking for enhanced performance or better features, modifications let you do that. But that is not all. Modifications also make your car more valuable. And thus, an inviting target for thieves. Car modifications also make it tough (and expensive) to source replacement parts. Should anything happen to your modified car, you will have to bear a hefty financial burden. And that is why you should be more pertinent about investing in modified car insurance. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to break the bank if something happens to your modified car.

Modified Car Insurance – What is It?

When your car has modifications, regular car insurance won’t work. With modifications, the value of your car, associated risks, and possible expenses increase. And for more comprehensive coverage you need modified car insurance.

Is Modified Car Insurance Necessary?

Yes. If you have regular car insurance and you do not disclose modifications, we reserve the right to hold your policy invalid. Car insurance is necessary from a legal viewpoint. And if you do not have appropriate insurance for your modified car, you face the risk of penalty. Also, in case of accident, theft, or damage to your car, you will have to foot the bill yourself in the absence of insurance.

What Counts as a Modified Car?

Every change to your car (not available in manufacturer’s standards) counts as a modification. This sometimes also includes the use of manufacturer-branded accessories. Car modifications include –
  • Car body modification (Spoilers and body kits)
  • Mechanical modifications to the engine that affect performance and reliability. (ECU modifications, cold-air intakes, and exhaust systems)
  • Changes to car handling (Modifications to brakes or springs)
  • Visual enhancements (Vinyl wraps, tinted windows, new alloys)
  • Decorative decals. (Paint jobs, stickers, and emblems)
  • Accessories (Roof racks, tow bars, immobilizers)
  • Updated sound and infotainment systems
Modified Car Insurance Plan

What is Covered Under Modified Car Insurance?

Your modified car insurance policy covers everything under a regular policy. And it also includes coverage for modified parts and enhancements.The different levels of modified car insurance coverage include –
  • Third-party damage: This includes damages caused to another car or its passengers. It also extends to accidental damage to lampposts and walls.
This plan does not include expenses related to any damage caused to your car.
  • Third-party + Fire and Theft: This plan includes coverage for third party damage as well as damage to your car. If your car suffers damage due to an accident, fire, or theft, you will be covered for the loss.
  • Comprehensive: It is the highest level of modified car insurance. And offers higher monetary coverage for everything included in the lower plans. You can explore the different plans below.

What is Not Covered Under Modified Car Insurance?

It is important to note that we do not offer insurance for illegal modifications. Before modifying your car, check what modifications are illegal in the UK. Some modifications that we do not cover include –
  • Tinted windows are not covered if the visibility drops below 70%.
  • Big bore exhausts cause a lot of noise and emissionss. And are illegal in the UK. Unless you have exhaust silencers in place, we don’t cover modified exhaust systems.
  • Number plates (both front and back) should adhere to the UK standards. If not, you won’t be eligible for coverage.
  • If you are adding neon lights to your car, the tubing should not show. This is essential to stay in compliance with the law and be eligible for insurance.
  • Modified headlights in colours other than white and yellow will not be eligible.
You can contact our team to discuss the details about modifications in your car.

The Cost of Modified Car Insurance

The cost of modified car insurance varies from a regular policy. And it depends on what modifications your car has. Certain modifications to your car do result in a premium increase. This is when the modifications make your car more valuable or expose it to more risks and expenses. The percentage of such increase depends on the modifications done to your car. Some modifications that result in increased premiums include –
  • Enhanced alloy wheels
  • Roof racks
  • Air conditioning
  • Engine enhancements
  • Performance modifications
But, that is not the only basis we use to calculate modified car insurance premiums. Certain car modifications also enhance the safety of your vehicle. This cuts down the risk of accidents and thefts. And consequently, result in a reduced premium. Such modifications include –
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Parking sensors
  • Tow bars
Also, at White Recovery, we understand that the riders take more care of their modified cars. This is due to the increase in the value of the car (both financially and emotionally). We make sure that you don’t have to pay undue premiums if your car has modifications. We consider all factors and only then finalise the premiums for modified car insurance. If you have specific needs or some unique modifications, you can contact us for a custom quote as well. Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance with White Recovery

Modifications are akin to putting a stamp of uniqueness on your car. They bring performance and form enhancements. And the need to get a specific modified car insurance policy. It might seem inviting to avoid getting specific modified car insurance. But that exposes you to the risk of your policy being declared invalid. And with White Recovery’s affordable premium plans, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Skimping on modified car insurance is not worth the risks that it exposes you to. Get your insurance today and drive with complete peace of mind.

Modified Car Insurance – FAQs

1. Do I need to inform White Recovery about any further modifications that I plan?

Yes. If you plan to modify your vehicle further, you should contact us and inform us about the changes. We will then analyze the risk and security changes that modifications will cause. And then your modified car insurance policy will be updated accordingly.

2. Which modifications don’t affect insurance?

Not all modifications have an impact on premiums. Car decorations, like certain stickers or color changes, for example, don’t affect your premiums. However, you should disclose any modifications done to your car. This helps keep things transparent and avoid conflicts later.

3. Will a regular car insurance policy not suffice?

No. If you have a regular car insurance policy, and your car has modifications, we will not be liable for any losses. To be able to make insurance claims for a modified car, you need a specific modified car insurance policy.

4. What level of coverage do I need for my modified car?

If you are unable to decide on what level of coverage is suitable for your modified car, here is what you can do.
  • Understand the different plans that are available with White Recovery.
  • Analyze which plan fits your budget and offers the maximum mental peace. That plan that satiates these two criteria is the one that you should pick.
If you are still not sure you can contact our experts, and they will guide you.