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Motorbike Insurance

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A motorbike is a perfect way to travel if you’re going solo. It’ll allow you to zip through heavy traffic and help save precious time. Riding a motorbike even has surprising health benefits. To give an example, it helps your knees and thighs become healthy and strong. It also helps you burn some calories (at least more than what you’d burn while driving a car). Even if there are two travelers – the motorcycle is a go-to vehicle for people. But like any other vehicle, a motorbike is prone to accidents. The roads can be a dangerous place – after all, about 50 million accidents occur around the world, per year. It’s only normal to feel nervous after viewing such statistics. So do your part to avoid an accident – drive safely, follow road safety laws. And the most important – insure your vehicle. Let’s pray this doesn’t happen – but what if you were to meet with an accident?
  • You will have to get your vehicle repaired.
  • You might have to buy a new motorbike altogether.
  • On top of this, you will have to pay hefty medical bills to tend to the injuries you receive.
All this can be enough to put you into debt. So buy Motorbike Insurance – lest you regret your decision later on. Motorbike Insurance  

About Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance is like a shoulder to lean on in times of crisis. A Motorbike Insurance plan will compensate you for the damages caused due to road accidents, natural disasters, and theft or loss. Of course, the type and amount of coverage provided will depend upon your plan. Secure your bike by buying a Motorbike Insurance plan. We will make sure to provide you with financial coverage whenever needed.

What does Motorbike Insurance include?

The above question may be nagging you. Well, let us try and give you a simple answer. We provide a range of services that you can choose from. Continue reading to know what all we have to offer – and then pick the services you think suit your needs best.

Collision Coverage

Coverage for all the times when you lose control of your motorcycle and collide with another object. This can be a gate, a fence, or even another vehicle. We promise to cover the costs of any repairs that such an accident may warrant.

Third-Party Losses

Even the government has made third-party insurance compulsory – this goes on to show how essential it is. Third-party insurance is basically for when an accident causes damage to someone else’s property. In such a case, we will reimburse this third-party. In doing so, we will lighten your financial burden considerably.

Comprehensive Coverage

This sort of coverage promises compensation against accidents that may occur off-road. Natural disasters, fires, vandalism – accidents of such sort. We even provide coverage if your motorbike gets lost, or stolen. Be sure to check out what mishaps your plan covers or does not cover. We at White Recovery aim for perfect transparency between customer and service provider. Motorbike Insurance policy

Personal and Third-Party Injuries

In four-wheelers, LMV’s, and buses, accidents may or may not cause injuries. This, of course, depends on the severity of the accident. But on a motorbike, an accident is bound to give you injuries. So it is important that you opt for a plan with an air-tight policy on Personal Injuries. Make sure it has minimal exclusions and conditions. We also cover the medical bills of third-party injuries.

Roadside Assistance and Recovery

Roadside Assistance proves to be indispensable in the cases of breakdowns. We provide 24/7 Roadside Assistance for your motorbike. Simply give us a call, and we will see to it that your motorbike is up and running again. But let’s say that the problem cannot be solved on the roadside. In such cases, we will have your motorbike towed to the local garage for repairs. And of course – we will take care of the costs. We even provide additional benefits such as Provisions for Onward Journey and Emergency Overnight Accommodation. Which is the perfect insurance for me? At White Recovery, we take pride in the variety of services that we offer and provide to our customers. But sometimes, it can be tough to decide which plan is the best for you. So we’ve listed down some factors that will help you decide the perfect insurance plan for your motorbike. I have an old motorbike: Older vehicles are more prone to accidents. According to a report, drivers of an older vehicle were more likely to meet with accidents than drivers of a newer vehicle. So if you have an old motorbike, you need a comprehensive insurance plan. Don’t buy a plan with many exclusions. Make sure that the plan covers damages to both you and your vehicle. I go on long journeys: If this is the case, then you should consider buying Roadside Assistance and Recovery. Vehicle breakdowns are frequent – about 2.5 million per year in the U.K. alone. If your motorbike breaks down during a long journey, it will pose quite a challenge to you. Wouldn’t you rather have a mechanic help you out in such an instance? With Roadside Assistance and Recovery, we will make sure that the needs of both you and your motorbike are taken care of. So stay secured and include Roadside Assistance and Recovery in your insurance plan. Motorbike Insurance covers You have a new motorbike: Agreed – new motorbikes are more reliable. There are fewer chances of you meeting with an accident while driving a newer motorbike. But this doesn’t even remotely eliminate the risk of an accident. It is better to be safe than sorry. Insure your motorbike. New and stylish motorbikes are also more prone to theft. A jealous person might even cause some damage to your motorcycle – someone could slash your tires, or crack a rear-view mirror. Thus, for newer bikes, we recommend that you buy Comprehensive Coverage. This will secure you against thefts and vandalism.

Motorbike Insurance – FAQ’s

1. Do I legally need an insurance plan?

According to the RTA 1988, insurance is not compulsory – but all vehicles must at least have third-party insurance. But don’t let this fool you! Insurance for yourself and your motorcycle is as important as third-party insurance. Make the right choice so that you won’t have to regret your decision later on. Buy a Motorbike Insurance plan to provide coverage for accidents.

2. Can I make changes to an existing plan?

We at White Recovery care for our customers. Our goal is to provide nothing but the best of insurance and breakdown services. But coming to the question – yes, you can make changes to an existing plan. If you aren’t entirely satisfied with your current plan, we will change your plan according to your wish. You can either upgrade your plan or downgrade your plan. We leave it up to you.

3. How do I contact you?

Want to get in touch with White Recovery? Head over to this link. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions, doubts, or queries.

4. Is the insurance necessary?

Yes! The smart decision is to buy an insurance plan beforehand so that any calamities related to your motorbike will not prove to be a financial burden in the future. Don’t be stingy is such an important matter. But Motorbike Insurance.