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Your love for motorbikes is not always reciprocated by your motorbike. If you have a motorcycle, you’ll know that breakdowns can happen anytime and at any point in the day or night.

And the worst part is, it tends to happen when you least expect it or when you are getting late for an event.

Even for the most skilled riders, dealing with a motorcycle breakdown creases their forehead. So, what would you do if you are stuck in the middle of a road, while your guests await you in an event?

For starters, you’ll lookout for a safe space to park your motorcycle. It could be a by-lane, emergency lane, petrol station, or a bus stop. But what next?

Would you be waiting all day or night for an acquaintance to rescue you? Well, there won’t be a need for that if you had signed up for motorcycle breakdown recovery in the past.

What is a Motorcycle Breakdown Cover?

Motorcycle breakdown cover is insurance coverage for all two-wheelers such as mopeds, scooters, and motorbikes. You get insurance for your motorcycle breakdown, which often includes local cover and roadside assistance for a small fee.

So, if you are stuck in the middle of a road due to a motorcycle breakdown, all you have to do is call your breakdown cover provider. S/he will send out a mechanic at your location and fix your motorcycle. If the issue is beyond their fixing abilities, they’ll take your motorcycle to a garage and pull you out of the situation.

Motorcycle Breakdown

 What does Motorcycle Breakdown Cover Include?

There are two main types of motorcycle breakdown cover, which depends on the type and number of bikes you drive on a day-to-day basis. It also, somewhere, depends upon your method of payment for the coverage.

At White Recovery, we offer you swift and reliable recovery at competitive prices.

Before you go into the details of what all is included in the motorcycle breakdown cover, mentioned below are the two main types of the cover:

  • Personal Cover: This is meant only for you. You can claim this coverage for your personal motorcycle as well as any other motorcycle that you are driving. It would also provide you coverage if you are even a passenger on another motorcycle.
  • Vehicle Cover: This is meant for a specific motorcycle only. However, it could change if your policy allows you to have more than one motorcycle registered on it.

Let’s check what all is included in the motorcycle breakdown cover at White Recovery:

  • Vehicle Recovery/ National Cover: With this cover, you can choose where you want your vehicle to be taken to for recovery. You can select any number of locations worldwide.


  • Roadside Assistance: Local cover or roadside assistance comes to rescue when you are stuck because of a motorcycle breakdown and need immediate help. Your recovery coverage provider sends a mechanic to your location, who fixes your motorcycle right away. If for some reason, the mechanic can’t fix your motorbike immediately, he would take it to a garage and get it fixed.


  • Breakdown at Home: It’s a policy that will cover your motorcycle if it has broken down at your home or somewhere in its vicinity.


  • Onward Travel: If you are on a journey and your motorcycle breaks down, your onward travel coverage will help you. The mechanic or engineer will reach your location to fix your motorbike. And if they are unable to fix it, they’ll take it to a garage.


Most people go for National Cover or Local Cover breakdown policies, probably because they offer you overall assistance and vehicle recovery. However, you must consider all the options and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Apart from these, you might also get other policies like wrong fuel filled up, key replacement, or Europe breakdown cover.

You can check some of the policy coverages below and choose the one that’s most suitable to you.

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover White Recovery

Which Cover Do I Need?

That is perhaps the most important and tough question. We’ll try to make it simpler for you, but before that, here are some essential tips for you.

  • Do not go for the cheap option, if your requirement says something else. You must consider the best motorcycle breakdown cover for yourself.
  • Before purchasing a policy, you must know what all the motorcycle breakdown doesn’t cover. There can be exclusions like breakdowns caused due to punctures, wrong fuel in the bike, damaged vehicles, motorcycles under 49cc, and more. Besides this, the breakdown cover doesn’t include the cars that you hire. For those, you need to consult with your hire company. This requires you to check the terms and conditions of your coverage policy before buying it.

Let’s move to, which cover you need.

  • If you are someone who uses a motorcycle to commute on a day to day basis, then you should go for standard roadside assistance coverage. It would be the perfect coverage policy for you. It includes day and night cover for 365 days, up to £5 of free parts, expert assistance for roadside motorcycle breakdowns, help during an accident (Accident Assist required), and more.
  • You may also go for European breakdown cover to get coverage for when you are driving within Europe. With this, you can also get assistance for a hired bike when you are on a holiday in Europe. And if the problem is huge, the motorbike is towed to the UK for further repair. However, before buying the European motorcycle breakdown cover you must ensure that you check the terms and conditions thoroughly.

 How Do I Get a Motorcycle Breakdown Cover?

There are various ways by which you can get your motorcycle breakdown cover. However, the easiest way is to consult with a trusted insurance company. Here, at White Recovery, we offer you not just 24-hour motorcycle recovery, but also motorway accident and breakdown vehicle recovery, disposal services for end of motorcycles’ life, vehicle storage, off-road accident recovery, and so much more. All you have to do is make an informed choice.

So now you won’t have to worry about being stranded on a strange road when your motorcycle breaks down. Get yourself a suitable coverage for your motorbike from White Recovery and feel safe at all times.

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – £19.75 per year

Intermediate – £28.00 per year

Premium – £70.00 per year

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover – FAQs

1. Does motorcycle breakdown cover fix it?

Your coverage provider will try his best to fix your motorcycle and will make it good enough to pull you out of a difficult situation. However, if the mechanic has to take your bike to a garage, you’ll have to incur the costs yourself.


2. How to prevent motorcycle breakdown?

Simply said, the best to prevent a motorcycle breakdown is to get your motorcycle serviced at regular intervals. You should get your bike checked for maintenance from time to time.


3. Can I get a cover temporarily?

Yes. You can get a temporary cover for your motorcycle. Check the validity before getting it. However, you shouldn’t opt for temporary cover unless you are sure of your requirement.


4. What to do if I lose my bike keys?

Don’t worry about it. If your bike keys are lost or stolen, you can choose to go for any of these options:

  • You can find a registered key dealer nearby and get a replacement key from him. However, for this, you’d need a vehicle ownership certificate.
  • Check if your coverage provider offers key replacement and consult them.
  • Check if your motorcycle’s insurance policy covers stolen or lost keys.