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You have just bought your dream car. You are on the road driving your new car back home. A little ahead, a speeding car slams into your brand new possession. Your car is severely damaged. The thoughts of colossal repair costs are running through your head. You wish you had car insurance, even if it was for one day!

One Day Car Insurance

Some people scoff at bothering to get car insurance. It’s dangerous, not to mention it’s illegal to drive uninsured. Car insurance may be obligatory but paying for insurance more than necessary is definitely not a necessity. But what if you could buy short-term pay-as-you-go insurance? One day car insurance is a quick and economical solution for certain occasions that warrant indemnity for a very short time period. One Day Car Insurance UK

What makes One Day Car Insurance a Perfect Solution for you?

Paying for annual insurance premiums discourages occasional drivers from getting behind the wheels. Some drivers also break the law and risk driving without insurance, especially on shorter trips. But now, that can no longer be an excuse to drive illegally without suitable insurance. One day car insurance provides cheap, temporary car cover. With one day car insurance, you need not give up on the convenience and freedom to drive your car when the need arises.

When do you need One Day Car Insurance?

Do you find that your vehicle spends more time parked in your garage than it does on the road? Are you are still paying a regular annual car insurance premium? Perhaps you got a new job near your home. You have moved closer to your existing job and therefore find that you like to walk instead of drive. Perhaps you are in between jobs and are not driving. Maybe you own a car because you like the convenience of having access to it on demand, but just simply drive once in a while. Perhaps you have another car or van that is only used once in a while. It can be cumbersome to modify an existing annual insurance policy to add another vehicle. Do any of the above situations apply to you? One day car insurance is there for you if your driving frequency has become less regular. It is a perfect cover for when you want to bring home your newly purchased car from the dealership or auction house and haven’t set up an insurance cover yet. Or you have either borrowed or loaned your car to a friend or relative for a day trip. It could be that you are going on a day trip and require a friend or family member to share the drive. If yes, then one-day car insurance is the solution for you! One day car insurance knocks out the hassle by providing a quick solution to your temporary auto cover needs One day car insurance is affordable, flexible, and easily obtainable by eligible motorists. One Day Car Insurance coverage

Benefits of One Day Car Insurance

Here are the benefits of one-day car insurance to ease your decision making.
  • Offers immediate cover with instant delivery of policy in your inbox.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage that covers for damages from an accident or for theft and fires. It pays for damages to the vehicles involved in the accident and pays for injuries sustained.
  • Buys you time to look for the cheapest insurance policy for your desired coverage needs.
  • Flexibility to choose when the insurance comes into effect.
  • Does not affect the annual no-claims bonus.
There are a few limitations that could prevent you from being eligible for one-day car insurance.
  • You need to have a clean driving history.
  • You have been driving for a certain amount of years.
  • You fall into a certain age range.

What are the eligibility criteria for One Day Car Insurance?

Similar to other insurance policies, your cover depends on a number of factors. For one-day car insurance, a few typical requirements are as below:
  • A current full UK driving license held for a minimum of 1 year.
  • You have to be a permanent UK resident.
  • You need to be between the age of 17 to 75. If you are younger than 17, the cost of cover will be higher.
  • The maximum value of the car cannot exceed £50,000 or more.
  • It will be difficult to get coverage without a clean driving history. 

How much does One Day Car Insurance Cost?

Like any car insurance, the cost of one-day car insurance can vary depending on where you reside, the value of your vehicle, and your driving record. You will need to provide details to get the best quote for your need. The cost will also depend on how much you would be willing to pay in excess if you were to get into an accident and damage your car.

One Day Car Insurance – FAQs

  1. Can I get One Day Car Insurance if I am learning to drive?

Yes. If you are learning to drive in a friend’s or family member’s car you can get one-day car insurance.

2. Can I earn No Claim Bonus with One Day Car Insurance?

No, earning a No Claim Bonus is not possible with One Day Car Insurance. No Claims Bonus is a feature generally associated with annual insurance.

3. Is One Day Car Insurance expensive?

The cost of Day Insurance can range between £19 – £45 per day. The cost will clearly vary depending on your age, years of driving experience, compulsory and voluntary excess cost, and other factors. Be sure to provide as many details as possible to receive an adequate level of protection you seek.

4. I have points on my license, can I still take out One Day Car Insurance?

While it is easier to get One Day Car Insurance if you have no claims or points on your license, but you can still be covered. Look out for the exclusions and terms and conditions for certain claims and offenses.

5. Can a non-UK resident take out One Day Car Insurance?

Yes, a non-UK resident can take out One Day Car Insurance if you hold a full EU license or an international driving license and are of legal driving age in the UK.