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Planning to go on a long trip? Or want to make sure that someone can help you if your vehicle breaks down – but only for a certain period? There is no doubt that Breakdown Cover is a very important asset for you to have – as important as insurance. It can prove to be extremely beneficial. It helps you in times of need when you are on the side of the road with a vehicle gasping for life. But it may not always be viable for you to buy a comprehensive Breakdown Plan. After all, there’s a price attached to such services. And you may not always want to pay for Breakdown Cover every month. We understand that it can be burdensome. But the fact still remains – Breakdown Cover is a must. You just cannot go without it. Especially if you are going on long trips. So we introduce a plan that is the best of both worlds – Temporary Breakdown Cover.

About Temporary Breakdown Cover

Now you might be wondering what Temporary Breakdown Cover is. Well, we can find the answer by looking carefully at the name – it’s normal Breakdown Cover, but temporary. So we provide you with all the services included in a normal Breakdown Cover plan, but for a limited period of time. And you only have to pay us for that particular period of time.   temporary-breakdown- recovery

How does Temporary Breakdown Cover work?

First, specify a period of time. It can be one day, one week, or one month. Then, pick the services you want to include in your plan. We offer a variety of services to choose from – skip ahead to the next section to find out what they are. Then according to the period of time and the services that you have opted for, you pay a small upfront fee. That’s it. With that, we will promise you the very best of the breakdown services money can buy.

What does Temporary Breakdown Cover include?

There are a variety of services you can choose from. Some of them are as specified below.

Roadside Assistance:

Give us a call whenever your vehicle breaks down. And we will immediately have a mechanic on the way to help you out. We’ll take care of any problems such as a flat tyre, dead battery, and lack of fuel.


Let’s say that our mechanic cannot fix your vehicle on the roadside. In such a case, you don’t have to worry. We will simply have your vehicle towed to the nearest garage or repair facility. After we take care of it, your car will be as good as new and good to go.

Provisions for Onward Journey:

While reading the point above, you might have thought, “What about me? If my vehicle is being towed away, how will I continue my journey?” If this is your concern, you can put your mind to ease. Because we at White Recovery will make sure to provide you with an alternative vehicle to continue your journey. If all else fails, we will even arrange and pay for public transport. temporary-breakdown-cover

At-Home Breakdown Assistance:

Not only on the road, but we will also take care of your vehicle when it is at home. Vehicles can act up sometimes. But if you have a Breakdown Cover, you can sleep in peace, knowing that we have got your back.

Europe-wide Coverage:

Are you planning to go on a trip across Europe? Then you should consider purchasing our add-on benefit of Europe-wide coverage. Your car breaking down in a foreign country, far from home, can be even scarier. So make sure you have a coverage plan to lean on in such cases.

Theft and Vandalism:

Yup. We will even cover the luggage and items you lose to thefts, robberies, and vandalism. So if you fear being the unwary victim of a highway robbery, opt for this benefit. Which services should I opt for? If you’re wondering which services you should opt for, you are not alone. We offer many services, and choosing the perfect plan for yourself can be difficult. Below are some points that will help you give an answer to the question, “Which services should I opt for?”

I have a new car:

Well, new cars are more reliable. There are low chances of your car breaking down. And if your car is less than a year old, you even have a manufacturer warranty to help you out. But warranties are usually undependable. The smart choice will still be to buy Breakdown Cover. So buy a breakdown cover nonetheless. But for a newer car, you don’t need a water-tight, comprehensive plan. Also, if you want to secure a particular trip, you can do that with a Temporary Breakdown Cover.

I have an old car:

This makes Breakdown Cover a no-brainer for you. Old cars are highly unreliable! Neither is there any sort of warranty to help you out? Breakdowns in old cars are both unpredictable and unavoidable. So do your part and stay prepared by buying Breakdown Cover. A smart choice will be purchasing “At-Home Breakdown Assistance”, so that you have someone to help you out, always. Temporary Breakdown Cover policy

I am going on a long journey:

If you want to secure a particular journey with Temporary Breakdown Cover, you are more than welcome to do so. But for a long journey, simple Roadside Assistance and Recovery may not be enough. Your vehicle will be taken care of, but you will be stranded on the road, in the middle of nowhere. So include services such as “Emergency Overnight Accommodation” and “Provision for Onward Journey”. With these, you can either stay at a nearby hotel or reach your travel destination.

I am travelling throughout Europe:

If that is the case, then our Europe-wide Coverage plan will be indispensable for you. You are travelling across Europe. Then, purchasing a local Breakdown Cover plan is basically of no use. If you want our help anywhere and everywhere, expand your plan by including this valuable service. Yes, it costs a bit extra, but you cannot be stingy in matters of safety. And you can rely on us for immediate and effective assistance.

Temporary Breakdown Cover – FAQs

1. Do I legally need a cover?

No, you do not. But that does not mean you do not need a cover. Breakdown Cover can be a life-saver. Being tight-fisted in such matters will cause you to regret your decision later on. Don’t let the fact that Breakdown Cover is not legally mandatory influence your decision.

2. Is there a limit on callouts?

When you buy a Temporary Breakdown Cover from us, there is no limit on the number of callouts. In the specified duration of your plan, you can contact us for help any number of times. Please note that multiple callouts for a recurring problem will not be entertained.

3. Can I change the level of cover?

Whenever you want to, you can contact us and request us to change the level of your cover. This means that you can either include services to expand your plan or exclude them to downgrade your plan. The choice is entirely yours.

4. Do I really need a Temporary Breakdown Cover?

Still in doubt? Then this statistic might help you make your mind – every year, there are about 2.5 million breakdowns in the U.K. alone. However, let’s say you simply do not wish to buy Breakdown Cover. Now if you are going on a trip where you cannot afford delays or absenteeism, buying a Temporary Breakdown Cover will be your best bet.