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Medical expenses around the world are becoming increasingly expensive. Falling ill or meeting with an accident on foreign shores can be a terrible experience. Unfortunately, it can also cause massive financial liabilities. For instance, a simple slip and fall incident may cause a broken arm. It may cost you approximately £1900 without surgery in the United States. If you need surgery to fix your broken arm, you may end up paying more than £11,000. Fixing a broken bone in Morocco may cost you about £7,500. And it may cost you about £15,000 in Singapore. If you are worried about the financial impact of using medical facilities during your next visit abroad, you need travel insurance.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides dual benefits. It provides coverage for both health risks as well as travel risks. Depending on the type of plan that you may buy, a travel insurance policy safeguards you from medical expenses and travel cancellation costs, lost baggage, or theft of valuables. For example, it protects you against monetary costs arising from injuring yourself by falling off a jet-ski during your vacation in the Maldives. It also safeguards you against the liability arising due to the damage to the jet-ski. In short, travel insurance is like a safety net that protects you from a wide spectrum of misshapenness that may take place outside your home country. Contrary to popular belief, travel insurance is not just for international travel. Very often domestic travel also requires the safety net of travel insurance. Business, as well as leisure travelers, may buy travel insurance Types of Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

We at White Recovery understand that every traveler has different travel plans and specific insurance requirements. We offer you a wide range of travel insurance plans to choose from:
  • Single trip travel insurance: As the name suggests, this insurance provides you with travel insurance limited to a single trip. It provides both health and trip disruption benefits during your trip. Usually, the insurance coverage for such an insurance plan is valid up to 120 days from the date mentioned in the policy.
  • Annual multiple trip travel insurance: This insurance plan is best suited for travelers who make multiple trips during a year. Such a plan is more economical than buying single trip insurance and it saves the trouble of buying insurance for every trip.
  • Country specific insurance/EU Insurance/USA Coverage: The country-specific or region-specific insurance plans provide health and travel insurance benefits limited to the country or region of travel. If you are planning to visit a single country buying such a plan will result in substantial savings.
  On the flip side, the insurance remains limited in that country only. For example, a USA only plan will not offer coverage in Canada.  
  • Worldwide coverage: The worldwide coverage plan is best suited for travelers who are traveling to several countries. This plan offers seamless travel insurance coverage irrespective of your location.
  • Individual, Couple, Or Family Insurance: Depending on the number of members in your family you may choose any of these plans to provide comprehensive coverage to you and your loved ones.
  • Pre-existing Medical Coverage: This plan is a boon for persons who have pre-existing medical conditions. Such plans are best recommended for travelers who have chronic ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, kidney trouble, cancer, cholesterol, or lung issues to name a few.
  • Outdoor & Adventure Activities Coverage: Planning to go deep-sea diving in the Indian Ocean? Or thinking about bungee jumping in New Zealand? Dreaming about a trek in the Himalayas? We recommend that you opt for a travel insurance plan that provides all-inclusive coverage for high-risk adventure activities.
  • Winter Sports Coverage: This plan is specially designed to provide coverage for winter sports. If you are planning to go skiing in the Canadian Rockies or ice climbing in Alaska, opt for winter sports coverage travel insurance.
  • Golden Age Coverage: This plan is a senior’s best friend. This plan is ideal for all those travelers in their golden years (over 55 years of age) who are worried about falling ill on foreign shores.
  Travel Insurance Benefits

Benefits of Nationwide Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance may not be able to safeguard you against the risks associated with voyages. But it gives you peace of mind and assurance that you are safeguarded against gargantuan expenses that may arise if something goes wrong during your trip. A travel insurance plan ensures stress-free travel for you and your family. Here are the many benefits of travel insurance:

Health Cover

Travel insurance protects you from the expense of costly medical treatments that you may need abroad. Basic travel plans provide health coverage for illness and accidents requiring medical attention in foreign countries. It includes doctor consultations, hospitalization expenses, testing charges, physiotherapy costs, and follow-up charges. An all-inclusive travel insurance plan also provides coverage for dental treatments, ophthalmologic procedures, and cosmetic care. Most comprehensive travel insurance plans include medical evacuations by air ambulances, repatriation to the home country, and repatriation of mortal remains in the unlikely event of death. Travel insurance also provides coverage for disability or death due to unforeseen events in a foreign country.

Travel related insurance

A hurricane leading to a missed flight or canceling your trip due to work-related issues may result in high cancellation charges and lost deposits. Here’s how travel insurance protects you against such contingencies:
  • Offers protection against losing booking deposit or cancellation charges in case of trip cancellation or trip interruption
  • Provides reimbursement for expenses incurred due to missed or delayed travel connections
  • Pays reimbursement for expenses related to loss of checked-in baggage or delay in receiving luggage
  • Provides insurance coverage for personal belongings like jewelry, laptop, mobile phone, sports equipment, or music instruments
  • Protects against personal liability that may arise due to damage to property or injury to a third person
  • Offers emergency allowance money in case of loss of money or credit cards.
According to a recent independent study, a UK traveler traveling abroad needs emergency medical aid every three minutes. And thanks to travel insurance approximately 153,000 British nationals have received the benefits of health insurance coverage through 2018-19. Buying a travel insurance plan is one of the smartest things to do before flying to your dream destination. Contact our expert team to help you pick the right one.

FAQ’s – Travel Insurance – Nationwide Travel Insurance UK

1. Does my travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Basic travel insurance may not cover pre-existing health conditions. If you have chronic illnesses or pre-existing conditions, we recommend that you inform your insurance company about them and buy a pre-existing medical coverage insurance plan.

2. Do I get a refund if I don’t need medical facilities during my trip?

No, you do not get a refund if you do not need medical facilities during your trip.

3. Is it possible to extend my travel insurance while I am abroad?

Yes, it is possible to extend your travel insurance while you are traveling. You may contact your insurance company or our customer support team to help you forward.

4. Is travel insurance expensive?

No, travel insurance is not at all expensive. For a small cost travel insurance protects you against massive expenses that may arise due to illness, accidents, or other travel-related emergencies.

I have an EHIC. Do I still need health insurance for traveling abroad?

EHIC cards (European Health Insurance Cards) of British nationals expire after December 31, 2020. That means Brits traveling to Europe beyond Jan 1 2021 must do so after purchasing health insurance coverage.