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Between 2016 and 2020, the United Kingdom has seen a 33% rise in the number of vehicles recovered on motorways. Irrespective of the age, usage, model, or brand of your van, it is always at a risk of a breakdown or collision. If you rely on your van for ensuring smooth business operations, a van breakdown cover may bring your business to a grinding halt. Along with disturbing the business operations, you may end up paying extensively for expensive breakdown maintenance.

Causes of Van Breakdown

The most common causes of van breakdown are:
  • Faulty batteries: Battery problems are one of the most common causes of van breakdown. A recent study has found that almost 51% of cars in the UK are likely to experience battery problems during the winter season.
  • Fuel problems: Another common cause of van breakdown is drivers forgetting to refuel their vehicle. Despite the low fuel warning light flashing, a lot of drivers forget to fill up the fuel tank and end up being stranded on the road. Refueling with the wrong type of fuel may also lead to engine damage and breakdown.
  • Overheating: Overheating issues are common during the summer. It is estimated that almost 50% of car breakdowns taking place during the summer are due to overheating. It is essential to maintain the required coolant level to avoid such problems.
  • Electrical Problems: Car systems have become more sophisticated than before. However, this has led to an increase in electrical problems related to system software, onboard computer, and electrical wiring.
  • Flat Tyres: Almost 1/3rd of new vehicles are sold without a spare wheel. Every year the number of breakdowns related to flat tyres is increasing. More car owners are now left stranded on the motorway simply because their car has a flat tire and they don’t have a spare wheel.
Van Breakdown Cover Cost If you are looking for a comprehensive breakdown solution for your van, it’s time for you to buy a van breakdown cover policy.

What is Van Breakdown cover?

Van Breakdown Cover—an Absolute Essential A broken down van may obstruct vehicular traffic leading to traffic congestions and delays. It may also be a cause of potential traffic hazard to other vehicles and pedestrians.   Traffic officers may order statutory removal of the vehicle in such circumstances. Depending on the type of vehicle the driver may pay between £150 and £300 as the cost of car recovery. The cost of recovering your van depends on the weight of the vehicle, its location, the extent of damage, and its mobility conditions. Without a van breakdown cover, repairs or towing expenses may be really expensive. So, most van owners usually prefer to buy the cover in advance. Van breakdown insurance helps reduce the time delay that may take place in case of a breakdown. It also helps mitigate the expense related to van breakdown. It provides coverage to all or specific vehicles in the fleet. Van breakdown coverage is worth every penny that you spend. It gives you and your drivers confidence and peace of mind of access to round-the-clock assistance in case of an emergency or breakdown. In most cases, depending on the policy specifications, the van driver is also covered by the policy. Van breakdown cover also provides support to the persons traveling to complete their on-going journey in case of a breakdown. Flexible cover options and customization choices ensure that you pay for only what you use, leading to further savings.  Some van breakdown cover plans also provide the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your cover to suit your changing requirements. Buy van breakdown cover and concentrate on your business with one less thing to worry about. van breakdown insurance

Van Breakdown Cover Inclusions

Depending on the type of insurance cover that you choose here are some characteristic van breakdown cover inclusions:
  • Roadside assistance: Our fleet of trained experts shall reach the site of the breakdown to assist the driver with repair services and roadside assistance. The recovery experts provide on-site support for typical breakdown problems caused due to faulty tires, lost keys, fuel problems, and dying batteries.
  • Towing: In case of an extensive problem that may require garage facilities towing facilities, our van breakdown plans provide coverage for towing the van to the nearest garage.
  • Priority Garage Assistance: With the help of our van breakdown coverage plan, you may avail of priority garage support. Let our team of experts provide you with a detailed estimate along with comprehensive repair solutions.
  • Alternate travel arrangements: It provides the driver and other travelers in the van with an alternative support vehicle or taxi to their home, office, or original destination.
  • Emergency accommodation: Our plans are also designed to provide emergency accommodation to the driver and co-passengers with overnight accommodation until the van is repaired or an alternate van is arranged.
  • Accident Support: We shall also provide towing services to your van if it is immobile in case of an accident or crash. Some of our specialized plans also provide coverage for legal expenses, third-party compensation, personal injury compensation, and van insurance.

Types of Van Breakdown Cover

There are different types of Van Breakdown Cover plans that are available. Depending on your business requirements you may choose:
  • Fleet/Single: A fleet plan provides comprehensive cover for all the vehicles in your business’ fleet. If you have fewer vans you may opt for a single breakdown cover plan. Also, consider the number of members using the van at the time of buying the breakdown plan.
  • Local/National: A business with only local operations may choose a local breakdown cover plan that provides coverage for a limited area around the business. You may opt for a national plan for coverage through the UK.
  • EU Plans: Single Trip/Multiple Trip: If your fleet or van is expected to run on European soil, consider buying a special EU plan for optimum protection. Businesses whose vans travel frequently to the EU may opt for a Multiple Trip plan.
Van Breakdown Cover

Types of Vans We Cover Under Our Van Breakdown Cover

We at White Recovery, understand that each business needs different types of vehicles and vans in its operational fleet. We recommend that you give your business needs a deep consideration before buying a van breakdown cover plan. Ensure that you read all the information carefully and evaluate it by considering your current and future requirements. Here are some types of vans that are covered under our van breakdown cover:
  • Customized vans
  • Pick-up vans
  • Courier vans
  • Ice-cream vans
  • Imported vans
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Horsebox vans
  • Hobby vans
  • Vans carrying hazardous materials
  • Milk vans
  • Crew vans
  • Tipper vans
  • MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles)

Van Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – £40.00/year

Intermediate – £45.01/year

Premium – £54.95/year

Van Breakdown Cover – FAQs:

1. Will I get a refund if there are no breakdowns throughout the year? Unfortunately, you do not get a refund if there are no breakdowns throughout the year. 2. Does the van breakdown insurance cover my van if I run out of fuel? Yes, our van breakdown cover insurance will provide you with assistance if you run out of fuel and are stranded on the road. 3. What types of vans are covered under the plan? We understand the diverse needs of different businesses and provide cover for a wide variety of vans and vehicles. We request you to contact our support team for further details. 4. Is it possible for me to modify the type of breakdown cover after I buy it? Modification of van breakdown policy plans depends on the plan that you have purchased. Some plans facilitate the upgrade or downgrade of van breakdown coverage to suit your changes. We recommend that you contact our customer support for further information. 5. I am planning to move to Paris. Will my breakdown cover plan work there? A basic van breakdown plan bought in the UK will not provide breakdown cover in Europe. You need to purchase an EU (European Union) plan for optimum breakdown coverage throughout Europe. Contact our team of expert advisors to learn more about van breakdown insurance cover and start saving money today.