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Having trouble starting your car engine can breed bad feelings. You might be confused about why your car fails to start. You may even think your engine is damaged and you’ll have to pay a huge amount of money to make your car work again.

Series of bad and unpalatable thoughts might run through your head when you find yourself in this situation. However, when an engine fails to start, it has nothing to do with the engine’s overall health in most cases.

It may be caused by issues with the oil or some of the components in the car. This issue usually occurs when it is cold outside. Some of the reasons why cars don’t start are discussed in this article.

why your car doesn’t start

Ignition Switch Issues

People don’t usually think of this problem when their cars fail to start. The ignition switch wears over time and if you start experiencing problems that have to do with turning the key, or when you notice flickering dash lights when the car is turned, then you need to check to see if the car is suffering from an ignition problem.

Faulty Starter

A faulty starter motor may also one of the reasons why your car doesn’t start. Failed starters usually produce a loud single click, or a series of clicks when the key is turned. This sound implies that the starter is unable to engage with the flywheel to set the motor into motion.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is driven by a belt and it is responsible for creating a spark in the engine. It also charges the car battery when the car is running. A faulty alternator will make the battery to be drained of its power. If proper care is not taken, the battery may die and the car will fail to start.

Top reasons why your car doesn’t start

Issues With The Fuel System

Problems with the fuel system can lead to different issues, such as depreciation in power, rough idle, and failure of the car to start. Issues with the fuel system include a clogged fuel filter that hinders the fuel to get to the engine, a faulty pump, or dirty fuel injectors. These can make the car not to start if the problems keep building up without taking proper maintenance action.

Faulty or Dead Car Battery

This is one of the commonest reasons why cars don’t start. The battery supplies the initial electricity that the car needs to run. Car batteries usually die when the accessories or lights are not switched off or if the battery has reached the end of its lifespan.

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